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Motorex | Koelvloeistof M3.0

COOLANT M3.0 Gebruiksklaar op ethyleenglycolbasis biedt uitstekende bescherming tegen bevriezing, co..

€ 13,50

Cross Power 4T 10W-50

Cross Power 4T 10W-50. Resa-Racing is dé werkplaats, shop en webshopdealer voor Cross, Enduro, MBT ..

€ 20,99

Cross Power 4T 10W-60

Fully synthetic high-performance 4-stroke engine oil, especially developed for Off-Road motorcycles...

€ 19,95


Multigrade fork oil, for optimum damping at all temperatures. Prevents the formation of foam and inh..

€ 15,95

GEAR OIL SAE 10W/30 (SAE 80W/85) API GL-4

Synthetic performance. Special transmission oil for separately lubricated gearboxes in 2-stroke moto..

€ 14,95

Mortorex Racing Gear Gear Oil 10W-40

High-performance gear oil. Extremely good resistance to pressure. For separately lubricated gearboxe..

€ 21,50

Motorex Prisma ZX SAE 75W/90, GL-4+5

Special synthetic gear oil. Provides an excellent gear-changing performance. For motorcycles with se..

€ 21,25

Motorex Siliconenspray

Lubricates, cares for and protects rubber, plastic and all metal parts. Plastic components are given..

€ 11,95

Motorex Top Speed 4T 10W-40

Modern synthetic high-performance engine oil for 4-stroke motorcycles. With this MC (Molecular Conve..

€ 16,95

Motorex | Chain Lube OFF ROAD

Fully synthetic, wear-reducing chain lubricant, tested for X-rings and O-rings. Especially suited fo..

€ 14,95

Motorex | Cross Power 2T

Fully synthetic high-performance engine oil for 2-stroke Off-Road motorcycles. When this oil was dev..

€ 19,95